Encouragement, Little Moments

Little Moments #91-120…

It’s the Little Things #91: Four closets and two dressers cleaned out…10 bags taken to Goodwill.

#92:  One of my husband’s students came to church today to hear my husband’s message.

#93: Chatting with a young couple after church, and finding out we share the same questions about what our ministries should be. I am definitely adding more items to my “Praying for Elephants” journal.

#94: Being encouraged to continue my little things posts. Thanks Emily.

#95: A DVD without previews.

#96: Appreciating how my husband is caring for me (day 3 of the flu), and now today, he is taking care of our sick Abbie as well. I am so glad it is spring break and we don’t have to go anywhere or get anything accomplished. As an added bonus, I woke up to one of my favorite sounds, rumbling thunder and lightning.

#97: Waking up before the rest of the house, having a cup of African Autumn tea, enjoying the silence, and watching the rain gently fall.

#98: Finishing a mystery, and the author puts in a twist you never saw coming.

#99: I woke up to find snow on the ground this morning. I realize that I am in the minority appreciating snow on April 9th, but I view it as a beautiful, rare gift. A single snowflake is delicate, but as the flakes start to accumulate, they gather beauty. This past week many of my friends have called upon prayer warriors to pray for various requests. Our prayers are like snowflakes, God hears and responds to each individual prayer, but when many people are praying for the same thing, that single prayer becomes a beautiful symphony.

#100: Dancing with the one you love to one of your favorite songs. (When We’re Together ~ by Mark Harris)

#101: Dreaming of traveling around the US in an Airstream Bambi (16 ft.)

#102: On the first semi-warm spring day, opening the moon roof and windows, cranking up “Cold Duck Time” by Jeff Golub, and driving through the country.

#103: Learning the correct way to eat chocolate: Instead of chewing the chocolate, let it slowly melt in your mouth.

#104: Loving when it doesn’t come easily . . .
Matthew 5:44-45a “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”

#105: Receiving a text from our son this morning that he is in Japan (Tokyo) and safe.

#106: Viewing my wait in the grocery line as an opportunity to talk to my husband instead of worrying about how tight my schedule is today and time in the line was making the schedule even tighter.Top of Form

#107: Knowing you are loved!

#108: Appreciating that I am employed and able to pay taxes.

#109: The fragrance of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Not eating them, just inhaling all that yummy goodness.

#110: I have been hearing a song on the radio, but I could never hear the title or artist. I had Googled what I thought was the title so many times, but what was coming up was not correct. This morning, I flipped on the radio, and the song was playing: I got the title and artist. If you have time today, listen to “Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson.

#111: Embracing the “messy” hair concept, and then spending at least 20 minutes to create the perfect “messy” bun. Even messy takes work!

#112: Every student working…. Ahhh.

#113: That brief magical moment when the sun is rising and it is not quite light outside yet, then suddenly rays of sunshine is flooding the room through the windows.

#114: Newly tilled fields, dark and rich, patiently awaiting the farmer to nurture, watch and care.

#115: My dog, she never tires of my company.

#116: Neither H or I had a meeting, rehearsal, or anyplace to be at last night. Enjoyed a refreshing walk through the woods with my one and only.

#117: Finding the missing earring that has been lost for so long!

#118: Google search engine

#119: Encouragement from a friend to keep going as she comes along side participating and cheering you on at the same time.

#120: Discovering something new as I read ‘familiar’ scripture.

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