Encouragement, Little Moments

Little Moments (March)…

It’s the Little Things #61: Loving the beautiful snow showers today. They bring back wonderful memories of my childhood in Marion, Indiana.
#62: Yesterday, trusting the weatherman enough to put my boots in the car. I am so glad I did.



#63: Finding this note on my desk after lunch.
Reasons we (heart) u
1. You understand us
2. incomparable
3. u make our day
4. You’re unique
5. You’re Jumpin awesome
6. You sparkle & shine
7. You make learning fun.
8. You rock
9. You’re gifted
10. You’re beautiful
by: unknown

When life gets tough, just put me in a room with these kids and all worries just melt away. My students are the BEST!!!!!
#64: Opening a letter sized envelope from the IRS, and it is just a form for this year.
#65: Even though I had a cart full of groceries, the woman behind me, with three kids and 4 items, let me go first to the newly opened checkout counter. Thank you.
#66: When what you HAVE to do is the same as what you LOVE to do.

#67: Discovering I had packed five slices of roast beef for my lunch instead of three. Which was great since by lunchtime, I am ready to eat the paint off the walls (1:30).

#68: Receiving a handwritten letter; without looking at the return address, you recognize the handwriting, and it makes your heart flutter.
#69: Having dinner with my husband; the only day this week. Reminding myself on weeks like this, employment equals paycheck.
#70: My little thing for today is you…post a little thing that makes your life easier, or just helps you get through the day, in the comment section. Happy Thursday.
#71: Knowing that every day I have a choice. At times life may not appear to have choices, but there is always a different path, mindset, or action that can be taken.
#72: Let me start by saying I love my dog, and I love that she is an inside dog. That being said, she loves to be outside and gets into mischief whenever she can. I discovered not one, but three holes to China in the backyard after she came in and my white tile floor was covered with dirt and muddy paw prints. So my little thing for today is the invention of the wet Swiffer. My Swiffer annihilated those paw prints in no time flat. Now I have a nice clean floor….until around 4:30 p.m.
#73: Having my husband lay out big heavy pavers to extend our patio, waking up the next morning and asking him to move them because I dreamt about them most of the night, and I don’t like how they look. His response, “Why don’t we trace around the pavers and lay them out how you think you want them until we get it right.” Great solution, but not nearly as fun.
#74: How good it feels to know that grades are finished and appreciating modern technology that allows me to work on grades from home. Ready to start the 4th quarter.
#75: Thankful for the truck in front of me, so I could follow his lights through this dense fog
#76: Last evening, on our way to the car, the wind was picking up, but the dark clouds were “standing still”…except for a few little puffs moving in the opposite direction of the wind.  It was fun to watch God’s handiwork and be amazed at the brilliance of His creation.
#77: You pull the car out of the garage, and it is raining. You can’t find your umbrella, and you didn’t put your office papers in your bag. As you drive to work, the rain is getting heavier and heavier. Just as you pull into the parking lot, the rain stops! No drizzle, no drips, it just stops.  As you walk to the door, the after-the-rain smells of spring take you back to a beautiful childhood memory. Life is good when we look for the little things.
#78: Warm pajamas fresh out of the dryer.
#79: Waking up just before the alarm usually goes off, realizing that today is Saturday, rolling over and going back to sleep because we don’t have to be anywhere today.
#80: Passing a field of crocus on the way to Michigan. Absolutely stunning. Happy first day of spring.
#81: Reviewing my prayer journal and marveling at all the ways God has directed, fine-tuned, answered and in some cases, God has taught me to have peace in letting go of certain requests.
#82: The first walk of spring in my favorite woods with my favorite person. Half way up the hill, a runner goes by and jokingly tells us to pick up the pace. We made it, and each day will become easier as we become stronger. Sort of like the trials that we experience in our lives, each one has the potential to make us stronger spiritually, mentally, and physically.
#83: Butterflies in flight. As we were walking last evening, I noticed three butterflies in flight. We stopped to enjoy this scene, and then my husband pointed out that there were three more butterflies resting on a tree trunk, wings open, just enjoying the sunshine. They need the sunshine in order for their wings to dry and become sturdy enough to fly. Then as we looked around, we saw five different species on the leaves, rotted tree trunks, and many more in flight all around us. I tried to get pictures with my husbands phone, but every time I stepped close enough, the butterflies would take off. We would stand very still, and they returned. It was magical to be surrounded by so many beautiful colors and darting wings.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. ” 2 Corinthians 5:17

#84: Plant-sitting for mom. They are in full bloom!
#85: Weather so cool the house did not heat up while I did my baking.
#86; After everyone else in the line left, I had the opportunity to hold and sooth a 1-month old baby girl in a Wal-mart check-out line when the register froze.  The mom was frazzled, embarrassed and everyone behind her started complaining. She was embarrassed because she had 2 carts of groceries – she only shops once a month. (I shared with her that I used to shop only once a month when our son was little.) She was embarrassed because she was using WIC. (I shared with her that I had also been on WIC, and it was a blessing to our family.) She was embarrassed because the register went down, and she had so many groceries. (I shared with her that she is free to buy whatever groceries she wants, and she is free to shop at anytime of the day she would like, and that she is free to check-out in any lane that is open.)
Other people may have found a shorter, quicker line; but the blessing was all mine
#87: Easter:  Friday will be the one-year anniversary of my Dad’s passing. I miss him terribly, but I have many fond memories to help heal the hurt. One of those memories involves Easter. As long as I can remember, my sisters and I would dress up in fancy dresses, pile into the car and head to church. After service we would have our Easter egg hunt. I don’t know how many eggs mom and dad would hide, but at the end of the hunt, my favorite cloth chicken basket would have at least 100 various kinds of jellybeans, chocolate eggs, malted milk eggs, etc. Dad was the best at hiding eggs and sometimes we would find candy eggs a few days later, hidden deep in a cushion or right in plain view on a picture frame.
#88: Waking up from a bad dream, realizing it wasn’t real, and then going back to sleep dreaming a new dream.
#89: Unexpected hugs.
#90: Taking life moment by moment, finding a bit of sunshine in the ordinary events of each day, and having a heart of gratitude towards others.

Until Next Time



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