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Little Moments (January)…

This list was started January 1 of 2016 as a way to offer encouragement to others and to focus on a heart of gratitude in the mundaneness of life and other times, in the little special moments that only happen randomly.  Some people have requested that I ‘publish’ them in one place.  This is the start of that endeavor.  Enjoy.

It’s the Little Things #1: Someone else who will walk the dog when it is cold outside. Thanks honey.
 #2: Temperatures cold enough to leave the food outside until the refrigerator is delivered.
#3: Waking up at 2:30 a.m. with the urgency to pray specifically for the people God has placed on my mind.
 #4: Flannel sheets to keep my toes warm.

#5: Arriving at school the precise moment our custodian was clearing a path from the parking lot to the school. Thanks Mr. W.
 #6:  Every traffic light was green on my way home from work.
#7: Temperatures warming up just enough to have outside recess.
#8:  Arriving home to find the delivery man left a package for me and a dog bone for Abbie.
#9: Receiving a settlement check ($0.10) from a company we were not expecting. Any suggestions on what to spend it on?
#10: Gas prices below $2.00 a gallon.
#11: Setting up the drums at our new church location.
 #12: Being greeted with hugs and kisses (from H and the dog, Abbie) when I get home.
#13: Fun slippers for a blustery evening.
#14: All the modem lights are on.
#15: Arriving at school to discover a note of encouragement, anonymously left on my classroom door.
#16: The little boy I mentor at school lost his dad on Thanksgiving Day of 2015. Yesterday, at the end of the day, he stopped me in the hall and pulled 3 beaded bracelets out of his pocket.  The reason for the bracelets… In his opinion I am the best teacher in the entire school. The bracelets are too small, so I used one as a hair tie. If you think about it, keep this little guy and his family in your prayers as they continue to go through each day dealing with this tremendous loss.
#17: Thinking like your spouse: texting almost word-for-word messages, within seconds of each other, to our son’s two phones. The ironic part, my husband texted one number, and I texted the other. Message was received, and we had a nice 2 hour chat later that evening. Our antiquated phones can still get the job done.
 #18: Sleeping in (6:15 instead of 5:45) on a day off.  Enjoy your holiday.
#19: A power breakfast  of spinach, feta, and eggs baked in a muffin tin to start the day and enough leftovers for the rest of the week.
#20: Flipping on the radio and hearing one of my favorite songs: “The River” by Jordan Feliz. An upbeat, uplifting song to start my week.
#21: Stepping out of my garage to find fresh snow sparkling under the moonlight. Looks like iridescent glitter everywhere. God’s creation is spectacular!
#22: Discovering there are only 80 days of school left instead of 83. Today was the 100th day of school, not the 97th.
#23: Hearing the words “thank you” from a young child (8 years old) as my husband held the door open for her.
#24: My husband purchased 3 books for me at a used bookstore when he learned our public library did not have them in their inventory. Spending the evening reading “Praying for Your Elephant”.
#25: Observing the grace and beauty of swans as they move through the water, extending their long necks drinking the water that God has provided. There were four different types of water fowl on this portion of the St. Joseph River yesterday. I marvel at how God has created them to stay warm in frigid water temperatures.
#26: Cleaning out my purse and discovering change and a dollar bill in the bottom, under everything else.
#27: As I started to make my lunch, I opened my lunch bag and found that my husband had already filled it with turkey vegetable soup, spinach/artichoke hummus, celery sticks, an orange, an apple, and a spoon. He is the best.
 #27 part 2: When your spouse says, “I can feel you praying for me.”
#28: Our son texting my husband just to say, “Thinking of you. I love you.” in the middle of the morning. I am so grateful for their positive relationship.
#29: Watching a flock of 20ish geese take off and within 3 seconds they have formed their flying V and are following the lead goose. I think there is a lesson somewhere in that image.
 #30: How small our world is getting. We are able to connect with multiple people in a few seconds through all forms of social media.
#31: The rituals of waking up: Abbie hears the alarm, bounds into the bedroom and grabs a slipper, scampers off to places unknown, drops the slipper, grabs a doggie toy, brings the toy back to me, jumps up on the bed and drops the toy on top of me, then (if I am not quick enough to stop this part), she licks all over the side of my face. Good morning. Enjoy the predicted sunshine today.

Until Next Time,



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